1. Name

The Society shall be called the Frodsham & District Photographic Society.

2. Purpose

The purpose of the Society is to promote local interest in still photography through regular meetings that provide education, recreation and competition.

3. Membership

Membership of the Society shall be open to persons over 18 years of age who profess an interest in still photography and the purpose of the Society.

Student Members (aged 16-17) are welcome provided they are always accompanied by their parent or guardian who must also be a paid-up member of the Society.  See separate ‘Student Members Safeguarding Policy’.

An annual subscription shall be paid by each member (see Rule 6c) for which a Membership Card will be issued.  Reduced fees will apply to Student Members and those who join part way through the year. Membership will extend until the start of the following season and is not transferable.

Visitors will be charged a meeting fee and those under 18 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian Society Member.

4. Committee

The Society shall be managed by a Committee which shall be elected by the members at the Annual General Meeting (AGM).  The Committee shall consist of the following:

Officers  : Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer,

Members: Programme Secretary, Competition Booking Agent, Competition Entries Manager

               Membership Secretary / Webmaster and one other

A maximum of three other members may be co-opted by the Committee during any one Society year from one AGM to the next. Their term of office does not exclude these members from being co-opted again by the Committee.

Committee members are eligible for re-election each year. All Committee members, elected or co-opted, shall have equal voting rights.  The Chairman only has a casting vote.

5. Committee Responsibilities

The Committee shall meet as regularly as necessary in order to manage the business of the Society. Meeting notes shall be issued to all Committee members and shall be retained for 5 years.  They will be made available to any member making such a request.

The Committee shall have the power to fill vacancies arising during its term of office.  At their discretion, the Committee may also appoint from within the membership an Honorary President, who can be asked to represent the Society at functions and events.  The position of Honorary President will normally be held for 2 years, but may be extended.  The holder is not required to pay a membership fee during the term of office.

6. Annual General Meeting

The AGM shall be held before the end of each season's activities for the purpose of:

a) Receiving reports from the members of the retiring Committee.

b) The adoption of the accounts.

c) Agreeing the subscription for the following year.

d) Election of a Committee according to Rule 4 above.

e) Appointment of a person to verify the accounts.

f) Agreeing the set subjects for competitions in the following season.

g) Any other business deemed appropriate by all members present within the context of the Society rules.

Nominations for the Committee positions will be accepted from the floor on the day of the AGM.  The Chairman (or in case of absence his assignee from the Committee) shall officiate.  Each nomination shall require a Proposer and Seconder and the nominee must indicate willingness to stand (in writing if absent from the meeting).  Votes by show of hands will determine who succeeds to the position.

7. Discipline

The Committee has the power to rescind membership of anyone who shows conduct contrary to the interests of the Society.  A letter stating the reason for (or circumstances of) the expulsion, and signed by two officers of the Society, shall be issued to the offending member.  Right of appeal to the whole membership shall be allowed.  On dismissal, there shall be no refund of subscription.

8. Extraordinary General Meeting

An Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) can be called by the Committee or upon written request by members to the Secretary.  Such requests must give the purpose and be supported by not less than one third of the Society's membership.  No matter other than that for which the EGM has been called will be discussed.

9. Quorum for Meetings

The quorum for any General Meeting of the Society shall be one third of the existing membership, for a Committee meeting, four

10. Discontinuance of the Society

The Society may be wound up if it is no longer viable through lack of members or attendees at meetings.  The Committee will call an EGM to complete the task.  Assets (less debts) will be disposed of to charity.

11. Amendments to Rules

These Rules may be amended only at a General Meeting of the Society.  Changes must be supported by at least two thirds of those present and voting; abstentions will not be counted in the calculation. A motion calling for such a change must be received in writing by the Secretary.  The motion letter must define the rule change and be supported by both a Proposer and a Seconder.  If it is to be considered at the AGM, it must be received by the Secretary at least 14 days prior.

12. Distribution

Each member shall be supplied with a copy of these rules at the time they first subscribe.  The rules will be displayed on the website.