The ‘ Phone/Tablet Camera’ competition is open to Projected Digital Images taken on Mobile ‘Phones and Tablet Computers, ie equipment for which the primary function is not taking photographs.  You may not use a camera for which the primary purpose is taking photographs even though it may have other functions.

In this competition, impact, interest and the normal rules of good composition are much more important than image technical quality.

The only manipulation you may do to the image is to crop it and to make tone corrections ie levels, brightness, contrast.  Such corrections can also be applied to selected areas.

Images should be presented at 1400px maximum width and 1050px maximum height.  Either or both dimensions can be smaller than the maximum, for example 800px X 600px would be acceptable, but such an image will of course, project smaller than full screen.  You may decide however, that this is preferable if you are starting with a low resolution image and don’t want ‘jaggies’ to show.

From 1st October 2015, you can enter up to FOUR images (they don’t have to be taken with the same unit) which should be sent in using the PRINT section of the usual Competition Entry Form on the website.  Please enter in order of Preference as we may need to omit some if numbers are high.  We have included ‘ Phone Cameras’ in the Subject List on the form.

On the evening of the competition 15th February 2016, the images will be projected several times during the first half (we’ll have some quiet background music) while members make a selection onto pre-designed forms.  You may not select your own images.  During an extended break we will summarise the choices to determine the winner(s).  

Small prizes will be awarded.

Closing date is 10:00 pm Sunday, 14th February 2016.

Please support this competition.

Following the judging, a selection of the images will be linked to this page.

See last year’s images